Accommodation and equipment reports

Our expert witness reports are undertaken by Anava Baruch.  Anava has over fifteen years experience in the design and adaptation of properties for the less able.  She is a housing occupational therapist by profession and has worked extensively in both the public and private sector.  Anava is an accredited Bond Solon/Cardiff University expert witness and an APIL 1st tier expert witness.

Anava Baruch’s CV: Anava Baruch CV

Why use Anava Baruch?

Anava is an accommodation & equipment expert witness who has worked with many personal injury and medical negligence claimants. The needs of these claimants have been complex, including cognitive and sensory impairments as well as physical ones. Adding to the complexity have been less tangible issues, such as parental responsibility, or tenure situation.

As a housing occupational therapist, Anava understands how different medical conditions affect our ability to function. Her reports ensure the size, layout and design of accommodation is tailor made to the client’s rehabilitation and care needs. This ensures the claimants’ property empowers them in their new roles in life, and by so doing, enhances their independence and assists in overcoming their impairments.

In addition, her experience in local authorities means she understands the provision and allocation of social housing, and can draw on this expertise when recommending suitable solutions for claimants living in such properties.

Anava receives regular support from QC’s to ensure her reports provide the correct level of detail to assist with the calculation of loss.


“The accommodation needs arising from personal injury cases are often multi-faceted and complex. Expert accommodation witnesses are increasingly required to adopt a holistic approach and to offer advice on more than just the physical fabric of a building. Issues such as accessibility to local services, positioning of equipment, space for medical supplies and carers are all important, and can be integral to a claimant’s new accommodation needs. Anava Baruch is well placed to advise on all of these issues, with the objective of securing the best outcome for our claimants.”