Mr B was in his 40s and living on his own, with a rapidly deteriorating visual impairment. He asked us to adapt his kitchen to enable him to use it independently.

We incorporated lights inside the cupboards, easy access glide down shelves from the top cupboard and drawers below the worktop.

We helped Mr B select the materials and colours used to ensure minimum glare and sufficient contrast between the different surfaces.

Items frequently used by Mr B were placed in easy-to-reach places and positioned logically and ergonomically around the kitchen.

Cooking ingredients were marked with tactile stickers to assist with identifying them more easily.

If you are passionate about cooking and would like our advice about adapting your kitchen to your abilities, whether you are a wheelchair user, losing your sight, suffer from arthritis in your upper limbs, or have any other impairments, please call us and find out how we can help you.