Anava Baruch

Managing Director, Clinical Lead
BA Hons Occupational Therapy & MSc Ergonomics

Anava has more than 20 years of experience working as a housing Occupational Therapist for both the private and public sector. She specialises in the inclusive design of domestic and residential buildings, aiming to provide aesthetic solutions for people who are less able. Anava acts as an Accommodation Expert Witness (under Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules). Her knowledge and expertise have proven particularly useful when thinking outside of the box is required.

Her occupational therapy background enables her to fully understand the care and rehabilitation required when working with clients. This enables her to design and recommend homes which are ‘Tailor made’ to the specific requirements of the individual.

Anava is a member of Bond Solon, Royal College of Occupational Therapists and the Health & Care Professions Council. She is also accredited on the APIL expert database.

Amanda White

Housing Occupational Therapist

Amanda is a specialist in Occupational Therapy with a wealth of experience in acute settings, community and specialist learning disability services. Amanda’s work within the NHS has enabled her to develop an in depth understanding in neuroscience, trauma, orthopedics, rheumatology and chronic pain management. Amanda’s extensive community experience working for both the children and adult social care supports and provides a holistic view of an individual’s needs when it comes to housing adaptions. Amanda has 3 years experience working for DfI both within the private and the public sector.

Amanda is the current Chair of the Eastern Region Royal College of Occupational Therapy Committee.

Rachael Woods

Housing Occupational Therapist

Rachael has extensive experience working with children and adults within both the private and public sectors. Her background includes a post graduate certificate in posture management which enables her to  source suitable beds, sleep systems, wheelchairs and chairs for clients with complex postural needs.

Her qualification as an advanced sensory integration practitioner includes both children and adults and she has years of experience working with people of all ages.

Rachael has worked within housing adaptations for over 15 years and strongly believes that the understanding of sensory integration within the interior and exterior design of homes is a key to achieve quality of life.

Kerry Smart

Sales and Lettings Manager

Kerry works closely with the OT’s to support the end users with sourcing and securing more suitable accommodation. Kerry has worked in the Sales and Lettings Industry at management level for over 20 years.  Her understanding of the housing market is second to none and this has been proved time and time again to be a great asset to our clients for securing their forever homes and interim rental solutions prior to settlement.

Kerry works closely with the estate agents ensuring that they have full knowledge of the litigation process and educating landlords with the benefits of renting to our clients.

Paul Groves

Project Coordinator Building Adaptations

Paul brings with him his experience working in the Design and Build industry as both a Project Manager and a CAD designer. As well as reaching his City & Guilds in Kitchen and Bedroom design he has almost 20 years’ experience in the Aerospace industry proving to show a strong eye for detail and a great understanding of strict processes.

He works collaboratively with the overall team of case managers, solicitors, equipment suppliers and trades people, coordinating estimates, quotes, team meetings, reviewing drawings/plans and supporting the end users during the process of design and adaptations. Paul is mainly office based and has a complete overview of the projects so he can ensure that all adaptation work is completed in a timely and efficient fashion, and within budget.

Acer Morgan

Client Services Manager

Acer has a wealth of technical and communication skills from her background as a formulation scientist and ran her own consultancy business. Her experience includes liaising with clients, suppliers, managing projects and networking within the cosmetics industry to bring new products to the market in the UK and abroad.  Acer acts as the first point of contact within DfI, she liaises with new and existing clients, building relationships, referring and recommending other services as appropriate. Acer coordinates the services we provide to all of our end users and the professional teams supporting them ensuring information is available when needed. Acer manages the function of the office and supports the MD.Acer is office based so is available for clients as a daily contact.

Jana Robinson 

Biophilic Interior Designer (Founder of The Emerald lounge)

Jana works closely with Anava’s team to enhance adapted spaces for her clients, delivering considered and sympathetic interior schemes connecting clients’ life values with their new surroundings.
Her work is based on the principles of nature incorporating textures, patterns and colours that are fundamental to inviting nature indoors. This balanced combination stimulates senses, provides a calm atmosphere, reduces anxiety and shapes an authentic and comfortable home.
Biophilic design is a combination of natural elements that send a powerful
message influencing how we feel and act indoors. It allows every client’s unique style to shine through whilst delivering highly functional spaces.
Jana’s collaborative approach focuses on individual needs and brings uniquely personalized solutions to every client.