Mrs Fletcher was paralysed from the chest down in a car accident. The blog below explains how we supported her with our property adaptation service, while this blog details how we helped her find the property.

Once Mrs Fletcher had exchanged contracts on the property, our OT got to work compiling a comprehensive specification of the necessary work for the builder, including drawings.

We engaged a local surveying company to create professional drawings. They also liased with prospective builders, Building Control, and any other construction professional involved.

We also use local surveying companies to act as the contract administrator (CA). Local surveyors understand local planning rules, and can visit the site regularly to ensure work is continuing as contracted.

Finding the right team

Once in position the CA recommends three builders, and again we visit the site with them. We make sure they understand the scope and nature of the work, and have the necessary skills and experience. We thoroughly check them out on client review sites, and also determine the financial health of their company.

Based on the CA’s and our recommendation, the client, client’s solicitor and case manager choose the best builder. The decision is based on a combination of expertise, price and availability. By being involved at all stages we can ensure that any deviations from design are cleared with us. Even the smallest design change can have a huge negative impact on how a room works for our client.

In Mrs Fletcher’s case a range of property adaptation was needed including level hardstanding at the front and side path; new rear patio doors with level access; widening of internal doorways, with new doors; and conversion of downstairs reception room to a bathroom.

Creating a home to be proud of

Our approach is to create a home that people can be proud of. While we factored in medical equipment, such as a care bath, ceiling hoist and specialist bed, we made every effort to create a family home. A key part of this was ensuring that Mrs Fletcher was closely involved in the selection process.

All care equipment was ordered at an early stage to be delivered in line with the construction plan. Once building work was underway we visited the site regularly, with the CA, to make sure that the works were proceeding as per our specification. The CA managed the whole project, ensuring that the contractor was paid only for work that had been completed to the correct standard.

The last element was the installation of the ceiling hoist. Once this was fitted we carried out a manual handling risk assessment and plan. We also delivered manual handling training for Mrs Fletcher’s carers.

Property adaptation completed!

A couple of weeks after Mrs Fletcher moved in, we contacted her to make sure all the equipment was working properly. Six months post completion the CA visited the site for a final check on the building works, and subsequently paid the 2.5% retention fee, as outlined in the contract, to the builder.