Supporting Adam’s return to Hungary

return to Hungary

If you’ve been following me on Linkedin or Twitter you’ve probably seen references to my work around helping a client with catastrophic injuries return to Hungary.

This has been an incredibly complex case to work on – the level of Adam’s injuries alone are challenging enough, without the added element of supporting his move back to Budapest.

While this has been a complex case, it’s been incredibly rewarding and I’ve learned a lot – learnings which I’m planning to share you with over a series of short blogs.

Bringing a new approach to expert witness reports

This evening I’ll be at the Eclipse Proclaim Personal Injury Awards 2017 as the guest of Warren Collins, who has been shortlisted as Claimant Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year – and was the inspiration for me to start  writing expert witness reports.

I first met Warren, Partner at Penningtons Manches LLP, via Linkedin in 2015, and he’s offered me great advice, support and encouragement in my work since.

Making hotel rooms accessible

The UK hotel business is thriving, and that’s great news. But when it comes to accessibility, there’s something wrong. Here’s the problem:

·        There are still far too few genuinely accessible hotel rooms in the UK – especially outside London. This creates huge unmet demand among disabled customers, and means the tourism industry is missing out on millions of pounds of business every year.

·        Despite the evidence of demand, hoteliers remain wary of creating accessible accommodation because of fears that a “medicalised” room will put off non-disabled customers, and because of concerns over installation costs.

Adapting a farmhouse in France

On a bright day in December, Anava travelled to France to look at a property owned by Community Case Management Services. This company, run by Kate Russell and Maggie Sargeant, organises respite and holidays to their farmhouse in Camprond, France for people with disability and their carers. They are now developing a high-level disability suite & needed advice from a specialist Housing OT prior to starting renovation works. Anava was very happy to lend her time and expertise to develop the suite, with style and comfort in mind. Good luck CCMS, we can’t wait to see the finished project.