Project update: a new accessible wet room

Our accessible wet room

Design that works

We like to share pictures from projects that we are working on.  Here is one that we have just completed – a fully accessible wet room.  It just goes to show that accessibility can go hand in hand with great design.  We hope that you agree that it looks pretty fantastic.

An accessible wet room can mean the difference between a comfortable and enjoyable daily routine and one that becomes a real chore. Our work here helps get you clean and ready to face the day as easily as possible.

Our accessible wet room
Our accessible wet room

Bath design for the less able and elderly

This is the new Concept Freedom bath I designed with the team at Ideal Standard . As life goes on, everybody will, at some point, need to make changes to the way they live. Mobility is something that can affect us at any age, whether it be back problems, injuries or generally needing a little extra support.

Shower toilets

We recommend shower toilets to many of our clients. They are very useful for people who are unable to perform their own personal hygiene tasks due to weakness or absence of upper limbs. They are also great for people who are experiencing difficulty balance whilst seated on the toilet.

Shower toilets are a god send to people who suffer from digestive diseases and as a result suffer from inflammation of the colon, or for people who have had cancer and have had part of their colon removed. 

Riser recliner chairs – a helpful guide

Most people have seen a riser recliner – a chair which helps people get on and off when they are unable to do so independently. These chairs are usually the last resort  – people buy them after they have tried and failed to raise the seat of their chair by using cushions or chair raisers (boxes or metal frames which are attached to the legs of the chair to make them higher).

Before choosing a riser recliner there are a number of things you need to consider and some vital information that you need to know. 

Shower stretchers – a helpful guide

Shower stretchers are used for washing people who struggle to sit upright unaided. They are an alternative to using a shower chair with a harness and straps. Carers are able to assist the user with his/her personal hygiene tasks more easily on a shower stretcher than a chair as the user is not strapped in, nor in a sitting position. The shower stretcher allows the user to lie comfortably on the stretcher whilst being washed. An additional benefit of shower stretchers is that they can be used as a changing table.