At Design for Independence we are experts at assessing our client’s accommodation needs and turning them into reality. 
Once the client has moved in and the litigation process has ended a lot of clients find maintaining the property difficult and overwhelming. Although the layout is suitable, there comes a time when some TLC is required to bring the property back to a good standard and good state of repair. These alterations do not require an OT’s intervention, however, as the client is vulnerable they require support when dealing with trades people.     

At Design for Independence our office can assist clients to refurbish their homes, using the same suppliers we use for our adaptation work. Items such as:

  • Replacing windows and flooring
  • Decorating the home
  • Designing a cinema room
  • Landscaping the garden
  • Sourcing new soft furnishings etc….

We have the facility to be able to offer such non-OT related support from our office. We can assist with sourcing the required number of quotes for the case manager and deputy so they can make informed decisions regarding the budget.

The benefit to the client and their wider team is that we charge lower rates for this service. This is substantially more cost effective than an OT or case manager completing this type of work. We bring all our project management skills to the task in hand as well as our empathy and care for those people who are more vulnerable and require extra considerations.

We love what we do at Design for Independence, we have a holistic approach, and this is an extra service to supports this.