We recommend shower toilets to many of our clients. They are very useful for people who are unable to perform their own personal hygiene tasks due to weakness or absence of upper limbs. They are also great for people who are experiencing difficulty balance whilst seated on the toilet.

Shower toilets are a god send to people who suffer from digestive diseases and as a result suffer from inflammation of the colon, or for people who have had cancer and have had part of their colon removed. 

The  three companies in the UK who manufacture shower toilets are Clos-o-Mat, Geberit and Grohe.

The systems from these three companies all work slightly differently and are activated in different ways. In general the toilet works as a normal toilet – by using the flush handle/ button. However, if the user stays seated and activates the special features, their personal hygiene will be automatically performed with a warm water wash and completed by drying with warm air.

Today you can find this type of toilet in luxurious hotels and they are very common in Japan and Sweden, as people feel the system cleans their body more efficiently and gently.