When people are first diagnosed with dementia their symptoms may not seem too severe. However, as dementia progresses suffers can become confused about the location of rooms within their home. The impairment in visual perception that coincides with dementia and Alzheimer’s has an additional impact.

In order to maintain independence and dignity, carer’s should firstly consider whether it is possible for the client to see the toilet from where they normally spend most of the day.

Something as simple as leaving the door open could prompt recognition, thereby encouraging regular use. If this is not possible, clear signage to remind the client could be helpful.

In the bathroom itself we often find that a lack of colour contrast between the walls, floor and sanitary ware, further exacerbates a person’s inability to identify the position of the toilet within the room. Good colour contrast can help the client’s independence and retain their ability to complete personal care for longer. This could help the client to retain their tenancy, or keep carer’s from becoming frustrated and worn out.